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 We are a sales agency with over 60 years experience working with original equipment manufacturers and distributors of industrial products in practically every type of industry from agricultural products for growing to storage,  retail shelving, office supply equipment, to stainless tanks, metal building components and more. 

in recent years we have expanded our service and product offerings by teaming with business owners in specialized areas as well as long established companies in import/export services, warehousing, trucking .

In addition to sales, I owned a small metals distributon company for over 20 years prior to forming our rep. agency. we have a broad range of experience in sourcing, transporting , warehousing many products.   We have expanded into a few product lines that are a little unique and we know that with the expertise of our principals we will be able to provide professional service and response to all of your inquiries and requirements and we loo forward to any oportunity to be of service.

if you are importing or selling any product to oem accounts, distributors, wholesales or retailers we can help - not because we are necessarily experts but we have a good community  principals and associates. At one time or another we have sold all of these products and more.

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