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Patented paper cardboard pallets from high compression recycled paperboard. Easy to use, lightweight, durable, ready for export, every thing you need in low cost pallets: strong enough to hold 10 ton static wt. A green solution to wood and plastic



 A TRUE GREEN CARDBOARD PALLET for the  ENVIRONMENT . All companies want to be environmentally friendly, it's just tough to do so without  adding cost and sacrificing functionality. Recycled paper board pallets are environmentally friendly, while providing superior strength and functionality. They are easily disposed of in paper compactors and can be sold for recycle at a residual value. That means no pallets in landfills. Since there are an estimated 120-150 million wooden pallets disposed of in landfills annually, that's a big deal.  Good for the environment. Good for you, good for your customers.

No wood here - This unique one of a kind non-cardboard paperboard pallet though very simple in its construction and usage it will change the way you look at shipping. No more splinters, storage, or disposal problems of wood pallets. Pallets are easy to use, ready for export and GREEN,GREEN,GREEN  100% Recycled, Recyclable & Earth Sustainable!  ASK for a sample

This ingenious simple solution uses high compression 100% recycled and 100% recyclable paperboard to create a lightweight non-cardboard pallet system. Instead of wood as runners & decking uses Scandinavian Minimalist Functional Technology... Utilizing high-strength cylinders encased in a high compression paperboard wrap-around for the runner slats. A variety of recycled paperboard products are available for pallet top decking - All perfect for making the pallets strong enough for stacking these ovens five high.

 pallet options available  to provide the sturdiest pallets


              100% Recycled, Rackable, Stackable Lightweight Pallets with Incredible Strength



We will happily make full pallets to any size..Or, save more by making your own pallet, you may order the runners and decks separately, depending on your needs, and 'build' pallets as you need them. Different deck materials and sizes are customized based on your needs as well. Select adhesive runners or feet and just add a top board from honeycomb, chipboard or corrugated all made from recycled paperboard materials
OR, JUST PLACE YOUR PRODUCTS IN A BOX AND PLACE THE BOX ON RUNNERS. EdgeRunners provide a support system for existing boxes and displays without using a pallet. They offer strength, durability and ease of mobility in shipping and transport. Runners are made with angle-edge tops for ease of attachment. Runners are available with or without double faced tape and come in a variety of lengths with any number of supports







the best low cost paper (non-cardboard) pallet

  • the best qualities of a low cost export or domestic shipping pallet :                                             
  • light weight means you can ship more product 
  • strong enough to hold 20,000 lbs static wt.
  • green - chemical free and recyclable, environmentally safe, durable, tested,
  • USDA approved for shippng food
  • export compliant -no treatment needed,and they offer some reuseability.  Engineered paper pallets are innovatively designed to deliver the best any disposable pallet has to offer. ideal for domestic operations, but also meet tough export sanitation standards as well as requirements for disposability and re-pulpability
  • lower cost than plastic and new wood pallets
  • custom sizes plus custom fabrication available for these non-cardboard pallets



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Best Darn One-Way Reuseable Pallet Engineered patented process for forming pallet rails out of recycled paper and glue. The result was the Pallet, rated to hold over 5000 pounds.
compression test independent lab test show pallet holding 20,000 lb static load
RFID pallet radio frequency identification is embeded in the pallet during manufacturng
USDA pallets approved for use in the food industry
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